Blade Landscape Design is a proud Queensland company based in the Lockyer Valley. Our designs and projects encompass the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and further afield. Wherever you live, we can design to your region, requirements and specifications.

We specialise in a range of landscape design services, horticultural guidance, project management, and sustainable environmental solutions. Blade Landscape Design caters to both the residential and commercial markets and provides design solutions to a variety of budgets and requirements.

Blade Landscape Design was formed to meet the need in the Queensland market for comprehensive and professional design services. Blade Landscape Designs began primarily to service project builders who required detailed landscape designs for their display centres.

We have built relationships with the largest project builders and continue to provide innovative and fresh solutions to inspire and surprise their clients.

From there, we have grown into a respected industry name that draws on the internal knowledge of our project managers, landscape architects, interior designers, and landscape construction managers.

We work with domestic clients on new house builds and landscape renovations. Blade Landscape Design offers design packages to suit every project and client; from the DIY, to the full construction package.

Our services include:

  • landscape design and documentation
  • residential landscape design
  • commercial landscape design
  • display village landscape design
  • sustainable design
  • project management
  • horticultural consultation
  • conservation and land management advice.

We provide short and long term design plans to allow our clients to have the landscapes they need now and in the future. Our work also complies with Body Corporates and all Covenants.

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Understanding Landscape Pricing

Trying to understand landscape pricing when presented with a quote can be a confusing process. What exactly have you been quoted for and how much does each individual element cost?  
Well, there is an easier way of understanding landscape pricing when it comes to using Blade Landscape Design. We offer package deals for homeowners with clear and easy to understand pricing. Our packages are flexible and can be customised to suit your needs.

Our basic package starts at $2000 and is perfect for the homeowner who wants a quality landscape design at an affordable price. Our base package is comprehensive and includes:

Site Layout
Location of Trees and Plants - We come to you and select the best locations for trees and plants that will make up your landscape. We factor in future growth, landscape use and how foliage will look through the seasons.  
Plant Details - There is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to selecting plants for a new landscape design. Blade knows what works best for South-East Queensland and will suggest the most suitable plants for your landscape.  
Feature Items - Need that extra something? Blade Landscape Designs can suggest the best location for outdoor features including pergolas, play areas and water features.  
Hardscape Plan - A basic hardscape plan that sets out retaining wall locations, decking and fencing.   What sets Blade Landscape Designs apart is the ability for the basic package to be customised with our bespoke add-ons that will help you create the ultimate Brisbane landscape.

Our add-ons include (but are not limited too):
Hard Landscape Plan - Remove the softscape details and be presented with just a hardscape plan. This allows for easier analysis and quicker build at construction time.
Planting Plan and Schedule - Detailed plan including plant types, location, pot sizes and planting schedule optimised for your location and climate.  
Material and Colour Specifications - Full list of material types, specs, sizes and where applicable full supplier list of all items on the plan (pavers/tiles, gravels, feature pots, stone etc.)  
Elevations - Elevations of hardscape features such as water features, pergolas, gate houses etc. (Max of 3 Elevation Drawings)  
Lighting - Lighting plan presents your landscape in the best light and makes it usable all year-round.  
Irrigation - Customised irrigation plan to deliver optimum and cost-effective watering.   Of course, we also offer custom plans that can be tailored so suit any landscape builder or owner. Blade Landscape Designs has designed for residential projects right through to multiple location, commercial builds.

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