Blade Landscape Design is a proud Queensland company based in the Lockyer Valley. Our designs and projects encompass the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and further afield. Wherever you live, we can design to your region, requirements and specifications.

We specialise in a range of landscape design services, horticultural guidance, project management, and sustainable environmental solutions. Blade Landscape Design caters to both the residential and commercial markets and provides design solutions to a variety of budgets and requirements.

Blade Landscape Design was formed to meet the need in the Queensland market for comprehensive and professional design services. Blade Landscape Designs began primarily to service project builders who required detailed landscape designs for their display centres.

We have built relationships with the largest project builders and continue to provide innovative and fresh solutions to inspire and surprise their clients.

From there, we have grown into a respected industry name that draws on the internal knowledge of our project managers, landscape architects, interior designers, and landscape construction managers.

We work with domestic clients on new house builds and landscape renovations. Blade Landscape Design offers design packages to suit every project and client; from the DIY, to the full construction package.

Our services include:

  • landscape design and documentation
  • residential landscape design
  • commercial landscape design
  • display village landscape design
  • sustainable design
  • project management
  • horticultural consultation
  • conservation and land management advice.

We provide short and long term design plans to allow our clients to have the landscapes they need now and in the future. Our work also complies with Body Corporates and all Covenants.

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Fertiliser Explained

Going to your local Brisbane landscape supply store for fertiliser can be confusing. What works for flowers, what works on turf, what is best for winter plants but not summer plants? What even is fertiliser? 
Fertiliser must deliver a certain minimum number of nutrients to be given the term. All fertiliser will tell you the ingredients, ratio and formulation.   While it can be tricky to choose the right one, we've put together this short guide to some of the most popular.  

Organic Fertilisers

Organic fertilisers are as the name suggest and only comprise of non-artificial ingredients and living organisms. Organic fertilisers are great for the home landscaper because they can be easily incorporated as part of the overall landscaping plan.

Simply by using straw or mulch or even growing a junk crop and then digging it back through the soil is considered organic fertiliser. If that's too much effort, fertiliser does come in easy to apply liquid forms and dried form like bone meal and blood.

One of the biggest advantages of organic fertiliser is that they are safe for plants and groundwater (excellent if you drink from a bore) and will do no long-term damage.  


Inorganic fertilisers are chemical compounds that are either synthetic or mineral and usually consist of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which will supercharge plant growth. These three base ingredients will be displayed on the packaging as the NPK ratio.  
Nitrogen - For growth of stems and leaves and is better suited to food plants.  
Phosphorus - Promotes the growth of flowers and larger fruit and is used accordingly.  
Potassium -  Helps a plant become more hardy and resistant to cold and pests.  
Other chemicals that might be found in inorganic fertiliser include calcium, sulphur, iron, zinc and magnesium. While all these minerals are produced naturally, plants want more of them for optimal growth. Give them what they need with inorganic fertiliser coming in a range of forms including powder, pellets, granules and liquid.  


Liquid fertilisers come in both organic and inorganic forms and are an easy way to quickly apply much needed nutrients. They are a powerful form of fertiliser and can be applied directly to the root zone. A word of caution, while they are easy to apply, they are quickly absorbed and will need to be regularly reapplied if you want to see long-term results.   If your ever unsure about to what buy or how to apply, contact the friendly team at Blade Landscape Design who can guide in the right direction.

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