Blade Landscape Design is a proud Queensland company based in the Lockyer Valley. Our designs and projects encompass the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and further afield. Wherever you live, we can design to your region, requirements and specifications.

We specialise in a range of landscape design services, horticultural guidance, project management, and sustainable environmental solutions. Blade Landscape Design caters to both the residential and commercial markets and provides design solutions to a variety of budgets and requirements.

Blade Landscape Design was formed to meet the need in the Queensland market for comprehensive and professional design services. Blade Landscape Designs began primarily to service project builders who required detailed landscape designs for their display centres.

We have built relationships with the largest project builders and continue to provide innovative and fresh solutions to inspire and surprise their clients.

From there, we have grown into a respected industry name that draws on the internal knowledge of our project managers, landscape architects, interior designers, and landscape construction managers.

We work with domestic clients on new house builds and landscape renovations. Blade Landscape Design offers design packages to suit every project and client; from the DIY, to the full construction package.

Our services include:

  • landscape design and documentation
  • residential landscape design
  • commercial landscape design
  • display village landscape design
  • sustainable design
  • project management
  • horticultural consultation
  • conservation and land management advice.

We provide short and long term design plans to allow our clients to have the landscapes they need now and in the future. Our work also complies with Body Corporates and all Covenants.

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Landscaping With Sculptures
Landscaping Tips

Landscaping with one or several sculptures is a great way to enhance the design of your front or backyard. Large or small, sculptures add an element of interest as well as artistic effect to your landscape. Blade Landscape Design has shared some tips below on how to select and position a new sculpture for the landscape.   

1. Plan 

Before selecting a sculpture, consider and conceptualise how you would like the sculpture to compliment the design of your landscape. If your garden is traditional, a simple and traditional sculpture may suit the style of your landscape best. On the other hand, if your garden is modern, a contemporary sculpture would suit your landscape better.   

2. Choose a location 

Another element to consider is the sculpture’s potential location. If you are envisioning your sculpture as the focal point of your landscape, choose a sculpture that won’t look out of place at the centre of your garden. Conversely, if you’re looking for a sculpture to simply compliment your design, consider a location where it will be noticeable yet subtle.   

3.  Select your sculpture 

Consider the material of your potential sculpture. A good material to look out for is corteen steel, as it develops an aesthetically pleasing rust-coloured patina after several years outdoors. 

Cultured stone is also a good option as it is versatile and can be made to appear like natural stone or carved marble.   

When selecting a style, it is important to choose a sculpture that resonates with both your garden, and yourself personally.   

4.  Install your sculpture 

Before installing your sculpture, ensure that the location has a solid, level foundation if the ground is not even. Consider that a concrete base for support may be needed. It is also important to be aware of the weight of your sculpture. If there will be children who might play around the sculpture, it must immovable if it weighs over 200 pounds.   

When it comes to larger sculptures, mounted instructions are normally included in your purchase. Where an artist has been commissioned, the artist will normally provide assistance in installing the sculpture or providing a base for it.      

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